World Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research

Stabilization of Molecular Structure of the Proteins andLipids of the Erythrocyte Membranes by Means MagnetiteNanoparticles (ICNB)

This study was devoted to the learning changes in the structure of erythrocyte membranes atthe level of molecular bonds during their storage at a positive temperature by means method ofInfrared Spectroscopy (IR spectroscopy). Objects of research were Red Blood Cells (RBC) into bagscontaining preservative CPD and RBCs into bags containing preservative CPDA-1. As membraneprotective used saline which had previously been treated with magnetite nanoparticles (ICNB) bythe Belousov’s method. The physiological solution that was treated with nanoparticles was addedto the preserved RBCs according to the developed method. Sample of control was the addition ofintact saline. Analysis of changes occurring in the IR spectra of samples of control and test in theCPD medium was showed that during the first 28 days storage of:

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