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Stabilizing Effect of Magnetite Nanoparticles (ICNB)on Molecular Structure of the Proteins and Lipidsbonds of Membranes of Preserved RBCs

Andrey Belousov1,2,3*, Elena Malygon2,3, Vadim Yavorskiy2,3 and Ekateryna Belousova11Laboratory of Applied Nanotechnology of Belousov (UA)2Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (UA)3Kharkov Regional Center of Blood Service (UA)


The benefits gained by improved red blood cells (RBCs) component quality should more than justify any real or perceived inconvenience to theblood services in implementing adjustments to their processing procedures or additional processing costs of the introduction of new generation RBCsadditive solutions. In our recent studies that have been published, it has been shown that physiologic solution NaCl which previously was processedby magnetite of nanoparticles (ICNB) and added to the preserved of the RBCs had a marked membrane-stabilizing effect, inhibits hemolysis andincreasing the sedimentation stability of preserved RBCs. In General, these effects provide the sustainability of the functional activity of preservedRBCs in during storage. However, comprehensive analysis of the above data revealed only the primary mechanisms of the effect modernized of thesaline solution on the preserved RBCs. Taking this into account, it was decided to conduct an in-depth study of changes in the structure of erythrocytemembranes at the level of molecular bonds during their storage

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