Annals of Medical & Surgical Case Reports

Stabilization of Molecular Structure Membranes of Preserved Rbcs by Means Nanotechnology

Research Article
Belousov A, et al. Ann Med & Surg Case Rep: AMSCR: 100001.
This study was devoted to the learning changes in the structure of erythrocyte membranes at the level of molecular bonds during
their storage at a positive temperature by means method of infrared spectroscopy (IR). Objects of research were red blood cells (RBCs) into bags containing preservative CPD and RBCs into bags containing preservative CPDA-1. As membrane protective used saline which had previously been treated with magnetite nanoparticles (ICNB) by the Belousov’s method. The physiological solution that was treated with nanoparticles was added to the preserved RBCs according to the developed method. Sample of control was the addition of intact saline. Analysis of changes occurring in the IR spectra of control and test samples in different variants of preservative
media showed that in the test where nanotechnology was used were significant inhibit the process of destruction of the erythrocyte membrane structure in suspensions. The process of destruction of the membrane structure of red blood cells occurs on seven days later than in the control. In addition, in the test in the CPDA-1 medium in comparison with control there is no complete destruction of the structure of lipids and proteins that are part of RBCs. In general, the results clearly showed that the presented method of application
of nanotechnology significantly increases the storage time of RBCs in different versions of preservatives due to mechanisms to reduce violations of the molecular structure of proteins and lipids in the erythrocyte membranes. Presented method of application of nanotechnology is not only safe for use in practice in the Blood Service, Transfusiology and Hematology, but also is the most promising
innovation project.

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